About Jonathan

My coffee journey started in a remote indigenous village in the Amazonian jungles of Bolivia.  Really.  A friend and I sat in our tent and mused about the possibility of one day opening up a coffee shop.  At the time I didn't even drink coffee, but the idea of working in the coffee business intrigued me.  Now, 6 years and 5 coffee shops later (3 of which I helped start), I'm still intrigued by coffee.  I love the atmosphere, the people, and the delightfulness of a great cup o' joe.

As a barista I've always tried my hand at latte art.  While I have a deep-set conviction that coffee is mostly about quality in the cup taste-wise, I've definitely come to appreciate what kind of wow-factor any kind of latte art can have for customers.  I've poured thousands of drinks and occasionally like to take pictures of what I've done and post it online.  I'm by no means a master latte artist, but I have a fun time doing it.  This blog is my effort at putting all my latte art pictures and videos in one place and talking about it with anyone who's interested.  Please feel free to comment on my posts and ask any questions!

I've previously worked for Starbucks, the Chatt Room (serving Counter Culture Coffee), and Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee.  I can currently be found weekdays behind the bar at Empire State South, once again using Counter Culture.