Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How-To Tuesdays: Wave Heart - Video

This week's How-To is the "Wave Heart".  I honestly haven't yet perfected this design (just like my attempts at all other latte art designs), but I thought I got the basics down enough to throw up a video and step-by-step:

  1. Start just like you would any other design... start filling the coffee cup up nicely and preserve the crema canvas.
  2. Start pouring off to one side of the cup (left or right, doesn't matter) and you will see the liquid in the cup start to swirl in one direction.  (It is also an option to pre-rotate your wrist before pouring so that you can rotate the cup while drawing the wave, making the wave wrap around almost the entire cup.)
  3. Move the tip of the pitcher closer to the surface and increase the pour speed as you start drawing the beginnings of a rosetta.  This is the "wave", which is really just an unfinished rosetta.  The wave should wrap around the cup, being affected by how early or late you start drawing and also how fast your pour speed and swirling action is.
  4. As you finish up the wave - without pinching off the pour - move back toward the middle and draw a heart. 
In the video, I could definitely have continued drawing the wave for longer, making it wrap around the cup more (I actually rushed it and ended up with quite a bit of space left to fill the cup to the brim).  I also could have moved more toward the center of the cup while drawing the heart - it looks a little too high in the cup to me.  There was also a little bit of cloud action at the start of the wave, so the definition isn't as sharp as it could be.

Enjoy wave heart making!

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