Friday, March 4, 2011

Abraham Lincoln

One of the regulars at the coffee shop suggested that I do more portraits.  Anyone up for the "Presidential Series" of latte art?

Since the Jesus latte I realized that I don't have to white out the entire top of the cup in order to draw portraits; I just have to have a big white portion in the center of the cup.  That way, I can also use the crema from the outer ring to draw with, instead of using leftover crema from a shot glass. 

And yes, I do look at a photo for reference while etching.  I'm not artistic enough to come up with originals of famous people.

Oh, and sorry about the glare in the photo.


  1. Someday I'll do one of these etchings on video.

  2. man, you got every detail -- down to the big ears and mangy beard. (are you sure that isn't me?)