Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How-To Tuesdays: Saving Bad Free-Pours With Etching

This cappuccino went out to a customer in the restaurant.  I ended up with too much milk in the pitcher and didn't get rid of any before I started my pour, so the angles weren't quite right for releasing the milk foam out at the right time for latte art.  What I ended up with was a bad-looking heart (or an even worse-looking tulip).  So I pulled out the trusty thermometer and with a few strokes had a whimsical little picture:

This actually happens more than I'd like (i.e. messing up a free-pour latte art design and doing something post-pour to make it look better).  If this happens to you, at the very least you can just stick the drawing tool in there and swirl it around all Van Gogh-like, or you can do what I did and try to create something out of the blobs.  However, never re-steam and re-pour just for the sake of better latte art.  Now that's just wasteful.

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