Monday, April 18, 2011

April Thursday Night Throwdown

At the April Thursday Night Throwdown at Octane Coffee I once again tossed in my $5 in an attempt to win $100.  20 baristas threw down this month.  I did well in my starting bracket of head-to-head pours and moved on to the "knock-out round" (quarterfinals), losing my match-up and failing to move to the semifinals.  Here are pics from the night (big thanks to my friend Charlie who took all these photos):
My first pour in the initial bracket.  I got both judges' votes to earn 3 points.

My second pour in the initial bracket.  Again got both judges to vote for my tulip: 3 more points and a definite advance to the next round.
My third pour in the initial bracket.  I went up against my friend Dave Overholser from REV Coffee.  Since I had already secured my spot to advance, I fooled around and made something up as I poured.  Looks kinda funky.  Dave-O got his 3 points, but they ended up not allowing anyone else from our bracket to advance.

My head-to-head pour against Sumi from Condesa Coffee during the quarterfinal knock-out rounds.  My pour is on the left.  His rosetta beat mine out hands-down, getting all 3 judges' votes.  Until next month...

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