Monday, April 4, 2011

Big Bird and Obama

A few notes on how I'm etching these portraits:
  • I pretty much always start with a printed copy of the picture I'm trying to draw.
  • The portraits are almost always etched in my own personal latte of the day.  It would take a bit too long to draw one and serve it to the customer...  For real drinks to real customers, I frequently do free-pour art (no etching involved) or something like The Bear or the Daisy (neither of which would take more than 20 extra seconds to serve after pouring.
  • Most portraits involve pouring a simple white blob into the center of the crema to start, and etching from there.
  • It's incredibly easy to mess up facial features of recognizable characters and make it look nothing like them.  This was the disastrous attempt at Obama:

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