Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How-To Tuesdays: Knocking off etching designs

At this point in my latte art skills I'd like to think I could etch pretty much anything, as long as I have a rough idea of what I want to draw and how to pull it off.  So when I reach a mental block in new things to do, I just look at what other people have posted to the internet, and I copy them.  Not what I want to do all the time, but it does jump-start my creative juices.  And baristas out there have some wicked cool latte art designs.

This is one that I've seen around, but don't know who did it originally.  It's on a couple different sites that have collected latte art:

 And here's what I did myself to copy the design:

Easy enough.  Here's the step-by-step:
  1. Pour the milk into the espresso carefully, not disturbing the layer of crema so that there's a nice dark canvas to work with.
  2. Pour or scoop out a small circle for the planet.
  3. Pour the small circle for the moon.
  4. Break out the etching tool, pick up some white and draw one side of the planetary rings from the edges to the front center of the planet.  
  5. Wipe the tool and repeat from the other side to the front center.
  6. Pick up more white to extend the rings from the edges toward the back of the planet, but stopping at the circle.
  7. Use white to poke random stars everywhere.
  8. For some larger stars, poke in bigger white dots and then drag out them out in four directions for the twinkle.

So this week I'm away from my coffee shop (Empire State South), currently enjoying a so-so cappuccino-like "House Special" at another coffee shop (left unnamed to protect the innocent) in Boulder, Colorado.  Here's what I'm drinking:

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